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Balinese Healing Comes to Michigan

Authentic Living Center Debuts Ancient Modality of Siwa Murti

Natural Awakenings News: Authentic Living Center Debuts Ancient Modality of Siwa Murti
Susan and Mike deCaussin

Susan and Mike deCaussin, reiki masters at Authentic Living Center in Troy, have finished their level 4 certification in Siwa Murti after traveling to Indonesia for formal initiation. The modality was added to their business, Healing Methods, in 2020. Susan is also a clinical hypnotherapist and Mike is also a clinical reflexologist. Siwa Murti is an ancient energy healing practice that originated in and is still in use in Bali, Indonesia.

“It is a powerful modality in which healing energy, channeled by the practitioner, is directed into the client, to hyper-accelerate their body’s own natural healing abilities,” Susan says. “Energetic blocks throughout the body are located and eliminated, enabling the body to achieve balance and release infirmities. It assists in healing both physical and emotional conditions and can be experienced in person or remotely via video calling or photographs. During in-person sessions, clients rest comfortably on a massage table and are fully clothed, and most sessions take less than 30 minutes to complete. With regular treatments, Siwa Murti can remove energetic blocks before problems even have a chance of surfacing.”

Authentic Living Center is located at 2525 Crooks Rd., Ste. 101, Troy. For more information or to schedule a session, call 248-759-6486, 248-822-9253 or visit related websites at and

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