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Therapist Reduces Pain with Microcurrent Device

Technology Upgrade Supplements Hands-On Feldenkrais Method

Natural Awakenings News: Therapist Reduces Pain with Microcurrent Device
Lisa Ponichter

Lisa Ponichter of Awakening Movements has used microcurrent in conjunction with her hands-on physical therapy sessions and has now upgraded to a device that is frequency specific. Ponichter has noticed results with her clients as this device can match the frequency of the painful or injured tissues to further heal, decrease pain and promote wellness. She also utilizes a method that works with brain science for a powerful hands-on session, Feldenkrais.

“Microcurrent has been shown in studies to promote tissue healing,” Ponichter says. “Pain related to injury and aging can be addressed along with anything from carpal tunnel, neck, back or knee pain and tendon, joint or ligament damage. Most all can be addressed with 100 programs to help you decrease your pain."
“The device is called the Howe RT," she adds. "The creator of this device works with top athletes, and this device is now available to physical therapists to use with their patients. I used it to help myself with numerous injuries including fractured ribs. I’m excited to have this unit to accelerate the results I get with my clients.”

Awakening Movements is located at 3121 Rochester Rd., Royal Oak. The treatment is $45, in addition to the cost of an additional session, although some insurances cover physical therapy and this service. For more information, call Lisa Ponichter at 248-321-0358 or visit

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